The Barber's Pole represents the

History of Barbering

Barbers were the original

​Doctors and Surgeons

Barbershop Talk Human Family Day Foundation, Inc.

 Woodard's Barbershop

5031 West Diamond Street

Philadelphia, PA 19131


Before Charles Barkley scored his first point as a 76er, he sat    "In This Chair"  .

Before Michael Jackson performed at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, he sat   "In This Chair"  .

​Before Nina Simone sang the song "The King Is Dead" at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.s  funeral, she sat  "In This Chair" .

Before Jesse Jackson addressed the Democratic Convention to run for President of the United States, he sat  "In This Chair" .

We honor the sacrifice of the assassination of  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4, 1968. The spirit of all these people, helped inspire       BARBERSHOP TALK HUMAN FAMILY DAY's    Annual Celebration, being held this year on Sunday, April 29, 2018.